General terms and conditions

Art. I. Introductory provisions, Purpose, validity

The purpose of these general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as GTC) is to create a legal framework for relations between Apartments Tri Studnicky*** in Demanovska dolina and its clients in order to provide information to clients about the conditions of services.

These GTC is an integral part of each contract (agreement) in which the apartment agrees to provide the agreed service and the client agreed to pay the agreed price. The legal relationship between Apartments Tri Studnicky *** and the client resulting from the contract are governed by the Commercial Code and other generally-binding regulations of the Slovak Republic.

It shall be presumed that a client read and understands these general terms and conditions, unless he would be able to prove that access to it has been defeated by the fault of the apartments. These terms and conditions will be binding for Apartments Tri Studnicky *** upon their publication and for the client at the moment of ordering the service.

Art. II. Definition of Terms

  1. Client means any natural or legal person who enters into a service agreement with apartments Tri Studnicky ***.
  2. Apartment Tri Studnicky *** means the Company's operations.
    Apartmány TRI STUDNIČKY
    A3S, s.r.o
    Matúšková 19 03105 Liptovský Mikuláš
    ID: 43822312
    VAT: SK2022508455
    UniCredit Bank 1223706005/1111
    IBAN: SK1811110000001223706005
    registered in OR Žilina, section. Sro, File No.: 19865 / L

    (the apartments)
  3. The service means any activity carried out by apartments in accordance with its business, especially accommodation services.
  4. The moment of payment means the time when the authorised person has is able to use the received funds, i.e. the day of crediting the account, collecting cash, etc..
  5. Loss means the actual damage and lost profit. Damage is compensated financially, but if the party requests so, and if possible, the damage compensation is executed by replacing the damage to the previous state.

Art. III. Declaration of privacy.

Corporate A3S s.r.o managing entity of web site declares that all the personal information are clarified as confidential and are used under Slovak legal code number: 122/2013 by legal code and under legal obligation of a corporation A3S s.r.o.

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