Accommodation rules

  1. The apartment can be accommodated to solely a guest who is officially registered. Upon arrival the guest will be asked to confirm his identity to a reception in hotel Demänová**** by submitting an ID card, valid passport or other identity document.
  2. The apartment is reserved untill 18:00. Unless otherwise specified in the reservation.
  3. Apartment is available for guest for the time which was agreed with the employee of reception.
  4. If the time of departure was not pre-arranged, guests must leave the apartment no later than 10:00.
  5. If the guest checks in before six in the morning, he will pay the cost of accommodation for the previous night unless otherwise agreed with a responsible employee of reception.
  6. The bill for accommodation and other services provided for guests will be charged in accordance with the valid price list.
  7. If the guest requests to extend the stay, he may be offered a different apartment than the one in which he was originally accommodated.
  8. In the apartments and common areas of apartments Tri Studnicky *** guests can not make any changes nor repairs to the equipment, nor any intervention to electrical or other installation without prior consent of relevant employee of the reception.
  9. In the area of Apartments Tri Studnicky***, and especially inside the apartment, the guest is not allowed to use its own electrical appliances. This Regulation shall not apply to electrical appliances serving the guest's personal hygiene, such as shaving or massagers, hair dryers and the like.
  10. After leaving, guests shall turn of the lights, turn off all electrical appliances used, close the tap and door locks and return the key at the reception desk or in the protective box.
  11. For safety reasons it is not allowed to retain unattended children in the apartment and in other public spaces.
  12. The guests are not allowed to take the apartment sports equipment (skis, boots, bike, etc.) and items for which there is a reserved space.
  13. In the period from 22:00 to 7:00 the guest is obliged to observe the nocturnal hours.
  14. In the apartment the guest can receive visits only with the consent of reception.
  15. For serious illnesses or injuries, a responsible employee of reception provides/ ensures medical aid or transport to hospital.
  16. Dogs and other pets up to 5 kg may stay in the premises of Apartments Tri Studnicky *** only with the prior consent from a responsible employee which will be given after the owner of the small pet will prove its good helath.
  17. Accomodation for a pet will be charged according to the established price list.
  18. Guests accomodated in Apartments Tri Studnicky*** are obliged to follow the House Rules contained in this document. In the event of serious breach of the rules, the management has the right to immediately terminate the agreement and ask for compensation.
  19. The guest will be held responsible for any damages caused to property of Apartments Tri Studnicky *** in accordance with the applicable rules referred to in the inventory and house rules.
  20. Complaints of guests and any possible suggestions for improvement of the the operation of accommodation are received by the management of Apartments Tri Studnicky ***. The book of suggestions and complaints is available at the reception.
  21. Car owners are warned not to leave documents and other valuable things inside the car.
  22. Owners of cars parking in the garage will be asked to use strictly the designated parking space and respect the garage closing rules which will be communicated at reception.
  23. Should the guest make a reservation, and for any reason has to suddenly leave, the full price for the ordered services will be charged, even if they will not use them.

In Liptovský Mikuláš , 15/12/2015.

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